Thursday, February 17, 2011

Books Read in Febuary

Ok so here are the Books I have read so far this month.

1.The Tale of Ginger and Pickels - Beatrix Potter (kid book)
2. I love You This Much - Sue Buchanan and Lynn Hodges  (Kid Book)
3. Invisible Tears - Abigail Lawrence        
4. The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz - L. Frank Baum
5.  My Soul To Save - Rachel Vincent
6. My Soul To Keep - Rachel Vincent

The last two books are part of a series called The Soul Screamers.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Books Read In January

  1. Reaper  -- Rachel Vincent
  2. End of Days: An Apoccalyptic Anthology   --  Anthony Giangrorio 
  3. The Tale Of Tom Kitten -- Beatrix Potter
  4. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself -- Harriet Ann Jacobs  
  5. Rags (The Story of a Dog) -- Karen Niemann
  6. My Soul To Lose -- Rachel Vincent  
  7. My Soul To Take -- Rachel Vincent
Ok so the Tale of Tom Kitten and Rags (The Story of a Dog), are kids books.  I read thm just the same. Also End of Days is an anthology. 

What is a Time Warped Journey?

     It is a place for me, Autumn to document my weird and sometimes boring journey through life.  On here I may post pictures of the places I have traveled to, will travel to, or want to travel to.  I may place my memories of those places here.  I may even place memories from when my life before I started this blog.  I will spout off non-sense at time.  If I feel that something  important is going on in the world I may blog it here.  I will also talk about my Life as it is happening.  Plus I will review and recommend or not, books, movies, and t.v. shows.   It will also be a space for me to keep account of the books I have read. If you like this blog great if not there are plenty more out there for you to chose from.  Hope y'all stick around.